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How to WA

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) since last May 2019 and I have not looked back. I have learned more in the past 11 months than I did in 4 years of college/uni. I have gone from a complete noob to owner of four websites, (two up and running and two ready to go) including this one you’re on! If you’d like to learn how to create your own online business, read my ode to WA and find out how you too can be your own boss – just follow the link at the end. I go by the name of VioletLight, look me up, I’d love to see you there…..


Ode to WA (Video below)


About 15 years ago near a basketball court

Two men were sitting, both deep in thought

“You know what, Carson?” One of them said

“What is it Kyle?” As he turned his head


Kyle smiled over the top of his mug of tea

“I think we should launch an online business university”

Carson replied “Sounds interesting, tell me more”

Kyle smiled again and said “I’ll try not to bore


You with the minute details but I think this could be

An amazing, online resource giving the opportunity

For people to run their own lives the way they see fit

In a way that’s 100% legit”


“Ok” said Carson, “but what’s the catch?”

“Nothing” winked Kyle, “it’s the perfect match

Of learning and support with no one left out

You get out what you put in, without a doubt


There’s videos to watch and tutorials to read

All designed to help you succeed

Go through the training, apply what you’re taught

If you get stuck don’t get fraught


Just ask a question and you’ll soon see

The help you can get from the online community

Another brilliant feature of this great site

Available literally day and night


Members all over the world know if they get in bother

They have instant online access to each other

Available 24/7 365

Allowing your business to thrive


In a way seldom found elsewhere

Good luck getting that level of care

Online business can be a lonely place

It’s great to be able to come to this space


There’s so much potential for all to win”

“I’m liking the sound,” said Carson with a grin

“Affiliate marketing broken down and demystified

Step by step, seeing what others have tried


Cut through the dross, see what works and what not

Learn from the pros and apply what you’ve got

To the building of your own piece of online biz

Till you become a marketing whiz


Doing what you can to help others

Find solutions to their problems that earn you dollars

Maybe cents at first but give it some time

Watch those cents start to become dimes


From there it’s a short hop from dimes to a dollar

Then soon your business has people starting to holler

About the great website that they have found

Created by you where they are bound


To get what they seek or are looking for

You can tell them about it and if they want more

You can steer them to where they need to be

Help them to buy and then collect your fee


Best of all you don’t even have to be awake

And still several dollars you should make

As your business runs independently

Thanks to what you’ve learned at this university”


“Right, I’m in!”said Carson “and by the way,

I think we should call it Wealthy Affiliate but for short how about WA!”




How to WA - Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Feel FREE To Join WA Today


I hope you enjoyed my poetry bashing!  It was fun to write, I enjoy writing articles for my websites, I find it interesting to research a new subject and I learn something new every time. I am in my late 40’s and disabled, never thought I could do anything worthwhile after I was medically retired at 29 years old.  It was fine for a few years but then I started to stagnate somewhat.  I had my children (who will always be my greatest achievement) and they kept me busy but I wanted more I just didn’t know how to get it.

I bought a domain at Go Daddy but didn’t know how to build a website so it just sat there for years, as did I. One day I was looking for a way to make money online, I’d binge watched my way through my insomnia with the help of Sky, Amazon Prime Video etc  but now I was all Netflix and chilled out – I needed to DO something!  That’s when I found WA!  I was very lucky as I’ve since read horror stories of people who had wasted 100’s sometimes 1000’s on programs that promised the earth and delivered nothing.

Of course some people just want to get rich quick or think that they don’t need to put any work in, they can throw up a website, drop a few affiliate links and sit back and wait for cash to start pouring in – those people will not fare well here, not from lack of support but from lack of reality as the truth is that it takes work, proper work and effort to achieve success online but it absolutely can be done, by you, if you are prepared to embrace the necessary steps to get to where you want to be.

There are people of all ages and backgrounds making money and running their own businesses with the help of WA. You have direct access to the founders Kyle and Carson via their personal email and just wait till you meet Jay from Magistudios and his award winning webinars, there are WA competitions to win all expenses paid trips to meet other super affiliates in Las Vegas (if you follow my link and ‘go premium’ you will be helping me get there so TIA!) support to develop and maintain a presence on social media including all the latest techniques to get the most out of each platform and much much more…..

Interested? Then take action! Click the link and see for yourself, you cannae lose, it’s FREE to look around, yep FREE, you can even have 2 FREE websites hosted here for FREE.  So feel FREE to have a proper gander, see what it’s all about, see if it’s for you – did I mention it’s FREE! Ok, ok I’ll stop now, no more hard sell, although it’s not hard to sell being that it’s FREE! Ok really stopping this time, you might want to click on the link just to shut me up!

Premium Quality – Competitively Priced


I’m sorry, I’m just excited to share the opportunity I’ve gotten so much out of myself. I want to know if you can see why I ‘went Premium’ very quickly – hands down the best $330/year you’ll ever spend!, $299/year on Black Friday if you like a bargain and I do or monthly it’s $49 and the first month is $19. Those prices are all inclusive, non refundable and the best I’ve seen for what’s included.

I want you to meet all the fabulously diverse WA folk that have helped me on my journey – a lady so legendary she just has ‘The’ in front of her first name! Five Guys Named Joe, a fabulous woman who writes killer reviews from her hospital bed in between bouts of chemo, a recovering addict sharing their experiences to help others, a 70+ man in Australia who sends me jokes (good ones too), my own personal cheerleader (not my mentor but you get one of those too, mine’s lovely), a polite Asian guy who doesn’t know my real name but he’s so sweet I don’t mind, a lady who tackled extreme poverty and shares her money saving secrets, several go getters who actively encourage you to emulate their success and a 16 year old African boy who is trying to support his family whilst still at school.

Above are just a few of the people in my 400+ network of followers (I already follow 600+ and my network grows daily) all working on their businesses but still taking time out to offer their expertise and/or experiences in affiliate marketing, again completely FREE (sorry that one just slipped out, ahem!) there are noobs like me and people with years of experience and success all rubbing shoulders.

Some don’t have English as their first language but there are ways around that, don’t know how to build a website? That’s ok it can be done for you in the time it takes you to make a cup of tea!  Read more about that in my other WA article Is Sussex Royal – Meghan and Harry’s Website Hosted By Wealthy Affiliate? on my other ‘live’ website when you’re done here, maybe you’ve an interest in Cryptocurrency, if so come join me on my journey! Site support is another amazing resource I couldn’t manage without, indeed this website wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them but nothing techie is too much trouble for them and they’re speedy too!


How to WA - Kyle and Carson founders/owners Wealthy Affiliate

Need I Go On?


I mean I could, I can, I have for a poem, several paragraphs and a (slightly dodgy) video but you don’t need to listen to me, take the evidence of your own eyes and ears and clickety click that link. Go on do it now, don’t procrastinate just click, you won’t regret it…..

Click here to explore Wealthy Affiliate 


Purple Lioness


  1. I would first like to mention that this is a helpful post and i am very sure that the content of your superb article will be of much help to a lot of people, just as it has greatly helped me. very good article on how to wa. i tried searching the entire page but i could not find the main page. i love your website.

    • Hiya Smoochi 

      I love your name! I’m sorry you didn’t get to read the article, my fault I’m afraid, I’m still not brilliant at this and I turned the list back into a draft as per Jay’s tutorial so I could do the SEO stuff but I should have waited till after the comments had come through. 

      It’s on the site now if you’d like to come back and have a look, I’d love to see you, thank you for your kind comments, all the best, PurpleLioness. 

  2. I am sorry but when I went to read your article I was brought to a page that had the headline “OOPS! THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND.” ?  I think that you may want to double check your site and the permalink which is in the edit section of your post article. Maybe check to see if there are other pages not performing correctly? I am sure if you reach out to WA they will figure out the problem for you with in minutes. I do however like the name of your site! Good luck.

    • Hiya Paul

      It is I that must apologise, the mistake was mine, I’m still very much a work in progress! I put the post back into draft mode to do the SEO at the wrong time. You’re right that someone would have figured it out at WA if something was wrong. Please come back to the site to read the article as it is back in place now.

      Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you like my site name – I bought the domain 10 years ago and considered myself really lucky to have been able to buy the dot com after I joined WA and learned the significance of that. All the best, PurpleLioness 

  3. Hello there, the article on “Babybore.c9.uk- Family matter” isn’t available on site for viewing.

    The article there on coronavirus is quite informative. Indeed the pademic has improved communication and information speed, people are dying due to the dangerous virus but the ways and measures of preventions are make available on social media all over the world! 

    • Hiya Lizzychris

      Thank you for reading my Coronavirus article when you weren’t able to read the WA one. It was my fault, sorry that the article was unavailable before. It’s back now if you’d like to have a read. Please come back, I’d love to know what you think. Krs PurpleLioness 

  4. I know that finding a good article does not come by so easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and writing an article to help others with useful information like this. i believe that there are so many peopl that would want to learn more on this topic but your website did not respond

    • Hiya Perryline

      Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated. I apologise for your being unable to read the article, it was due to a mistake on my part. If you would like to read the article, it is available again now. All the best, PurpleLioness 

  5. Hello there! First of all, I have to say that I really did enjoyed your poem on WA! Such a refreshing way of introducing WA to the world. It was such fun to read through your article and how you described WA really gets me reading every single line. I cant stress enough on how much I like your style of writing, it is so well written with great expressive phrases to catch your viewer’s attention.

    I have to say, I also signed up as a premium member so quickly! Knowing that the world is now turning their heads to digital methods of working, I wanted to step up my game and do so quickly. Instead of doing what is safe, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and work hard for a better future. I have joined WA since October and did not regret my decision as well! Especially at a time like this, where most of people are quarantined at home. I’m grateful that I at least have WA to work on and improve my website on as well. Your article Very happy that WA is working out well for you.
    Let’s keep this up together and strive for the better! 

    • Hiya Jyongwa

      Thank you so much, I love that the last two letters of your name are ‘wa’! What a lovely thing to say, I just wrote what I was feeling and it all sort of came together.  Well done for getting ahead of the game yourself, being brave and working consistently. 

      I’m going to find you and add you to my network so we really can work together, all the best, PurpleLioness 

  6. Great website and also great talent for poetry! 😉

    I used to writer poetry some time ago and had posted my poem on a poetry website in which I received a letter in the mail asking me if they could include it in a coffee-table series which I thought was pretty neat.  Great information relating to WA also, it’s such a great platform and so easy to use that even the most inexperienced person could pick it up!  Great job!

    • Hiya Dave

      Thanks for your comments, it was a bit of inspiration that I just ran with and it got such a good reaction I thought why not? Ooh published in a coffee-table series, that’s so cool! I was that inexperienced person last year and now I could sing about WA all day and especially in the current times, I’d say it’s needed more than ever.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  7. This is an interesting article about WA. I must commend your effort in putting all of this together. For me, joining wealthy affiliate has been an amazing decision and I have never for once regretted it. Immediately I joined WA I switched to Premium because I know the exciting benefits I stand to gain and very soon I’ll upgrade to a yearly package.

    • Hiya Philebur

      Thank you for your kind words, I agree 1000 percent about WA and going premium, it’s definitely the best decision I ever made. I’m amazed at where I’ve got to from where I started and it’s just the beginning! Krs PurpleLioness 

  8. Wow! I think your website is great!

    Your poetry was great and interesting to read! Was it really how Wealthy affiliate came about?! . It was reminded me that idea can be given birth to just about anywhere and also with the right company too! 

    Your website is inspiring, I love it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hiya Lizzychris,

      I’m so glad you came back! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I have no idea how it actually went down between Kyle and Carson, I read their bios and took quite a lot of poetic licence with their shared love of basketball! I don’t know whether they drink tea in fact I think Kyle might like craft beer I think it’s called or juicing, however I love tea and it was my poem so they were lucky not to be drinking toffee lattes – you may not get this ref unless you read my other article about my beloved McDonald’s Toffee Lattes (if not, consider this a shameless plug – hehe)  I’m flattered you found my site inspiring, it’s made my day! I learned everything here at WA and I really want to ‘spread the word’. All the best for your own endeavours, hope to see you around, PurpleLioness 

  9. The Ode is very well written.  You are a talented poet and website developer.  I found the WA explanation to be thorough yet brief enough to keep the reader on the site.  I only noticed one link to the sign up page for WA, so you may wish to add some other links in the text or through the images.

    • Hiya Dave,

      Thank you, you’re very kind, I have followed all the training carefully, I’ve not actually finished it yet, I’m on lesson 5.  I would probably put more links in if it was a product review but I kind of like to ‘do as I would be done by’ and I find it off putting if there are links sprayed all over the page. I feel if people are genuinely interested, they will find the link sitting quietly at the bottom of the page waiting for them!

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  10. Hello dear, I’m quite impressed by the way you have analyzed the situation and decided to put it all in a poem,I find it really amazing.whilst reading your article I came to realize that your words were nothing but the simple truth,the founders of Wealthy affiliate are indeed customer friendly,warming to newbies too.Again thanks for the poem it was worthwhile and keep up the good work.

    • Hiya Wilson,

      Thank you for your lovely comments, I really just wrote how I felt. I absolutely love being a member of WA, I know you should really pro and con a review but the cons are just not there for me!

      I’m so glad you liked my poem. All the best, PurpleLioness 

  11. Hi, Purple.
    Thanks for sharing the information on How to WA. It was so poetic, and I enjoyed reading the review till last. You have chosen a unique way to express your thoughts. It is the first time I have gone through a review in a rhythm and enjoyed it on the way. Looking forward to read much more of your offerings.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hiya Gaurav,

      Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I like to do things a bit differently, I think it can get boring when everything is the same as everything else. I really love being a member of WA and I hope that comes across. Please do come back, I’d love to see you again. Krs PurpleLioness 

  12. Wealthy affiliate  is really one of the nicest places that one could start out with affiliate marketing i have been using them for sometime and i mus tell you thay are very well balanced platform.

    One thing i like about Wealthy affiliate is there domain and site hosting prevelages…if you what to get a very good hosting and also a very cheap domain name the wealthy affiliate is the right place to go…

    • Hiya Feji Ben

      I agree that domain and site hosting at WA is the best I’ve come across. I tried others and either the prices went up or something else changed that cost me more money. At WA you know the price is going to stay the same every year and it was reasonable in the first place. I’ve put my site on here from elsewhere because the hosting is free now that I’m a premium member so why would I carry on paying for hosting elsewhere when I’ve got it all right here for FREE, just saying

      Thanks for your comment, all the best for your WA journey.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  13. Wealthy affiliate is indeed the best i have been using them for some time now and i havent seen any other platform that is as good as this one.

    One thing i like about wealthy affiliate is their live chat responce where you can communicate a whole lot of other Wealthy affiliate members and i also love the site comments section too and the jaxxy affiliate program.

    Thanks for sharing,



    • Hiya Dave

      Thanks for your reply, I always like to hear from fellow members especially if you’re not already in my network so I can add you! Networking here at WA is made so easy and I think it goes a long way towards preparing you to network outside the platform as well. 

      I haven’t spent a lot of time in WA chat because I struggle to learn new things so a lot of my time is taken up trying to understand and implement the fantastic training here to my websites. Also I’m not really the one to get advice from as I’m still learning myself and making slow progress. It’s a great resource though for even quicker answers than Q and A although I find that quite speedy too.

      Thank you for bringing up some great points of reference, all the best for your endeavours, krs PurpleLioness 

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