Last scam of 2019

Scam PayPal text message

Last scam of 2019

So in the last scam of 2019, the above message appeared in my inbox on 27 December (why they did it after Christmas I’m not sure- I mean who has money on 27 December?

If they had done it before Christmas I’m sure I would have panicked a lot more instead of doing what I did do which was to screenshot the message, close it and Google PayPal. 

Once on their https site with closed padlock in sight (how you know a site is secure) I went to log in to my account and of course I couldn’t remember my password and it’s not stored either.  I worried a bit but tried to get it sent to my email which has been playing up for weeks. 

I eventually sorted out the password and logged on from PayPal’s website and as I suspected everything was cushty so I changed my password then wrote this blog! 

Red flags for me were no sign of my name in the message, weird address featuring dot co.uk when PayPal is a dot.com they did have an https URL but it just didn’t look right especially knowing that PayPal is a US company.

I didn’t have any money in my account anyway but once they are in one account who knows where these scammy workshy charlatans might end up.

As we move into an age where we must take more and more responsibility for our own data, finances and security these sorts of attacks need to be looked out for and we must educate ourselves on how to deal with them as and when  they happen. 

If I hadn’t already fallen prey to scammers this year I might not have thought twice and just handed over my deets but I hope I never get fooled by these sort of scam tactics again.

Have you had any encounters with fake/scam text messages?  Pls leave a message in the comments below 


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