Toffee Latte Tree

Toffee latte tree

Toffee Latte Tree 

In the Wizard of Oz book series, Dorothy finds a lunch pail tree with lunch growing on stalks inside a pail (bucket) – in another story a wee boy plants a toffee and grows a toffee tree! 

As a child I dreamt of Turkish delight trees or rose and violet cream trees, as a teenager and young single parent a money tree would have been super handy – nowadays I have been trying to grow a toffee latte tree!


OMG have you tried McDonald’s Toffee Latte? I am totes addicted! They are just lush! Hot, sweet, creamy toffee lusciousness – nom nom!

My man needs to bring me one every day or don’t bother coming home – they are that good!

When my teenager first asked for a Caramel Frappe at Maccy D’s I actually exclaimed out loud “How much!” (my girl thought that was so funny she FB’d it!) She managed to persuade me to crack my wallet open and try a Toffee Latte (I don’t do ice tea or coffee, I’m a Mum – that post comes with obligatory ‘tepid years’ so I only do hot tea or coffee these days thank you)

So I grumblingly purchased our drinks, had a sip of her frappe which was ok then tried the toffee latte….omigosh it was delish! 

Hot hot coffee with a big squirt of cream and a generous drizzle of toffee loveliness – nom a nom Mama’s hooked and toffee lattes are my drug – I get a large one or if I’m getting a Happy Meal I’ll get that as my drink. 

 I once drank 6 in about 36 hours on a really long journey – that may have been a mistake but strangely didnt put me off them.

They have a loyalty card on the side of the cup and a wee bean to stick on it, collect 6 for a free regular cup – I have enough full cards to fan myself with!

Occasionally if I don’t finish them I’ll put them in the fridge and microwave them the next day – they’re still good!

For those who like to know what’s in stuff before they try it here’s a breakdown of Toffee Latte’s ingredients:McDonald's Toffee Latte nutritional information

McDonald's Toffee Latte Ingredients

So in conclusion – Toffee lattes, try them, you’ll love them but not at my local – those ones are all mine!

C’mon Toffee Latte tree, grow baby grow!


Purple Lioness

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